March 4th 2018 · Sanson Large Colored Map Italy Italia antiqua 1640Comments Off
February 8th 2018 · Homann Large Map Sardegna Sicilia Malta Italy 1740Comments Off
January 25th 2018 · Homann Large Original Map Italy Sicily Sardegna Corse Italia 1742Comments Off
January 8th 2018 · MÜNSTER/MUNSTER Cosmographia Large Town View of Venice Venetia Italy 1592Comments Off
December 4th 2017 · Homann Map Kingdom of Napoli Italy 1730Comments Off
November 19th 2017 · BONNE Map Sardinia Sardegna Corsica Italy 1780Comments Off
November 3rd 2017 · Italy, Sardinia, original antique map by Bertius/Hondius, 1618Comments Off
November 2nd 2017 · ITALY Sardinia Sicily ancient World Magini Ptolemy 1617 orig. Antique mapComments Off
October 25th 2017 · De Wit Map Kingdom of Napoli Italy 1680Comments Off
October 20th 2017 · HOMANN Atlas Map of Danube Italy Greece Serbia Bulgaria 1766Comments Off

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